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Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Most Windows users suffer from a lack of speed of performance of their computers after a loon
period of purchase of the computer,
This problem starts after one or two years of user buy the computers
In this article we will try to help solve this problem and help you to fix this windows problems.
All you have to do is follow the steps below :

1: Uninstall unnecessary programs :
When you cancel some programs that the user does not use,
 the available space increases in memory and accelerates the work of the computer,
 especially if the applications that run automatically are deleted while the device is started.
 And you have to identify the programs and delete what is not necessary.
It is worth mentioning that computer manufacturers install some of the latest software produced by the programming companies for the user to try it as a free version,
 and buy them if it is desirable, it is advisable to identify these programs when buying the Device,
 and delete such programs if the user is not interested in testing or utilizing them.

Speed Up A Slow Computer

2: Searching for viruses and spyware :
You can search for viruses and spyware in Windows using Windows Defender or using virus detection software.

3: Searching for viruses and spyware :
Search for viruses and spyware in Windows by using Windows Defender or using antivirus software, paid software, free software,
 and searching for viruses and cleaning your device.

4: Run the Performance troubleshooter :
The Performance troubleshooter can automatically troubleshoot problems,
many users log on to the same device, or use many programs at the same time.
These things often slow down the Computer and to activate this tool,follow the steps :
- Click the start button.
- Choose Control Panel.
In the search box, search for Troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshoot.
- Click on Check for performance issues in System and Security.

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