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Most Important Features in New Apple IOS 13

1- Dark Mode : 

- You will be able to enjoy the Dark Mode with Nice look.
- Perfect and more healthy to your eyes.
- Easy to start and shutdown with new button will be in Control Center

Most Important Features in New Apple IOS 13
Most Important Features in New Apple IOS 13
Most Important Features in New Apple IOS 13
2. Pictures:

- The photo application will have several options for organizing your photos and memories in the way that suits you best.
- Easy access to your images.
- Auto-play for Live Photo and Video.

3. Camera:

- Several features will be added to the camera and the lighting and focal length.
- Updates to the Portrait Segmentation API.
- Updates in image quality taken from your phone.

4. Privacy and security:

- Allows you to more control on your Locations Data.
- enhancements for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Locations Data.

5. Apple Logins:

- Easy logging in applications and Apple sites.
- You will be able to hide your personal email.

6. Maps:

- Improvements in maps.

7. SIRI system:

- Improvements in the SIRI system.

8. Battery:

- There is a new option to put it in the deactivation mode in activating or not activating, making the battery charge only 80% to prolong the life of your battery.


* Speed in opening applications more than in previous versions.
* Speed in response to FaceID more than in previous versions.
* Application updates will be 60% smaller than usual.
* Option to load large applications over cellular data.
* Cellular data where applications will be minimized for your cellular data.
* Change the annoying sound box to a small sidebar.
* Improved QR QR scan.

The system is expected to be Launched to all by the end of August for 2019.

* iOS 13 will be available to following devices:

-iPhone XS

-iPhone XS Max

-iPhone XR

-iPhone X

-iPhone 8

-iPhone 8 Plus

-iPhone 7

-iPhone 7 Plus

-iPhone 6S

-iPhone 6S Plus

-iPhone SE

-iPod Touch (seventh generation) 

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